Himalayan Finishing Salts- Add a Whole New Delicious Flavor to Your Foods

Himalayan Salt contains over 84 trace minerals and nutrients that are absent from overly processed white table salt, Himalayan Salt has remained safely tucked away under the Himalayan Mountains for millions of years and thereby contains absolutely no modern pollutants!

This pure form of unique sea salt possesses a rich, yet subtle salt flavor that seasons just about any food to perfection! Meats, vegetables, pasta, even desserts and drinks are enhanced with a whole new depth of flavor after the simple addition of Himalayan Finishing Salts.

Gourmet Himalayan Finishing Salts are a typw of Himalayan Culinary Salts made of 100% Natural Himalayan Salt blended with organic herbs and spices to add a whole new dimension to your culinary experience!

Rose Himalayan Finishing Sea SaltAvailable Flavors of Finishing Salts includes:

  • Rose Himalayan Salt
  • Green Tea Mint Himalayan Salt
  • Garlic Himalayan Salt
  • Onion Himalayan Salt
  • Lemongrass Fennel Himalayan Salt
  • Clove Himalayan Salt
  • Curry Chili Himalayan Salt

Visit The Himalayan Salt Boutique to view a full line of Gourmet Finishing Salts, as well as the entire line of Quality Himalayan Culinary Salt products which includes:

  • Himalayan Salt Kitchen Cooking Slabs, Grills 

  • Himalayan Salt Sushi Blocks

  • Himalayan Salt Plates, bowls, glasses


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