Himalayan Tranquility Bath Salts

Looking for a great way to relax away the stress of the day?

Salt Scrub100% pure, Organic Himalayan Pink Sea Bath Salts & Salt Scubs cleanse, relax and refresh while making your skin soft & smooth!

Enjoy a tranquil, relaxing bath  for stress relief and improved sleep quality!

  • Sole Baths (Himalayan salt baths) have substantial healing & cleansing effects due to the salt’s natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties & natural minerals. In fact, this more than 250 million year old sea salt has more than 84 minerals that are released through osmosis into the bath water. These minerals from the sole bath are absorbed into the skin while bathing, replenishing the skin and body with essential minerals, leaving skin feeling smooth and healthy. This process is also an effective detox therapy as the sole bath aids the body in it’s natural process of detoxification.

Himalayan salt scrub buffs your skin into super smoothness while nourishing it with essential minerals! Organic oils leave it feeling soft, and hydrated with a refreshing natural organic essential scent. Himalayan salt removes roughness and dullness from skin, helping to purify the body and reinvigorating the flow of energy to restore balance. These powerful ingredients combine to create a cleansing, yet moisturizing effect for your body, and leave the skin soft, supple and radiant.

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