Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor

Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor

As knowledge of the healthy benefits of Himalayan Salt spreads worldwide, the popularity of this wonderful new home decor element continues to grow as well. New and innovative ideas for the use of Himalayan Salt, as well as natural salt treatments, are springing up all over and Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor can be found in Hotels, Spas, Restaurants and homes worldwide!

Breathing salt air, known as salt air therapy, has been found to ease and even significantly diminish the symptoms of respiratory issues such as Allergies and Asthma. This healthy benefit of the salt, obtained simply by heating the salt with suitable lighting, along with it’s various beautiful shades of rich earthy color, have been driving factors in the growing trend of it’s use as a wonderful home decor element!

Images courtesy of www.saunamanufacture.com

These lighted walls of Himalayan Salt Blocks or tiles create beautiful displays of naturally air cleansing light for use in every room of the home, including saunas and bedrooms! Salt features are as versatile as one’s imagination, and can be custom designed to create individually preferred affects, including salt wall features that create stunning accents for existing features of the home.

This stunning, yet subtle lighting technique was mainly initially utilized by businesses around the world to create tranquil, healthy atmospheres for their clients and customers. World renowned Hotels have used the salt to create captivating walls in saunas, as well as spa and Yoga rooms. Himalayan Salt Walls are now being featured in the trendiest restaurants, lounges, and lobbies worldwide.

The enchanting lighting capabilities, earthy atmospheric effects, and endless custom decor possibilities of Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor add unique, functional beauty to any indoor living space, as well as eye catching focal points for commercial applications as well. A relatively simple addition for homes and businesses,  salt block features and walls transform any space into a relaxing respite from the stresses of daily life, while adding stylish, artful beauty to the decor scheme.

Where to purchase:
If you are interested in adding your own beautiful salt wall to your living space, quality Himalayan Salt Wall Blocks are available at www.himalayansaltboutique.com. The company offers salt wall blocks or bricks in popular square footage packages to make purchasing quality materials for your salt wall a snap. They also offer various dimensions of Salt Blocks, bricks and tiles for use in constructing custom Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor, custom quotes, and helpful information for construction and installation. 

Himalayan Salt Wall Block & Tile Decor



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