Add Delicious & Fun Flair to Your Next Summer BBQ – Himalayan Culinary Salt Stone Block BBQ Grilling Instructional Video

This innovative new salt BBQ grilling technique has been featured in culinary dishes by renowned chefs at hotels, resorts and restaurants worldwide and was even featured on an episode of Iron Chef America!

If you are wanting to add fun and flavor to your next summer BBQ, grilling foods on Organic Himalayan Salt Culinary Blocks, Tiles or Stones is the fun and easy way to add gourmet flavor to meats, vegetables and even salty and sweet desserts with a rich, yet subtle, natural salt flavor!

The following video shows the basic and simple cooking techniques for grilling shrimp, steak and Tilapia fish fillet on a Himalayan Salt Stone Block over and open fire. You may use the same techniques for cooking on the block over your charcoal or gas BBQ Grill.

For more information on grilling on Himalayan Salt Block Stones or cooking with Himalayan Salt, as well as FREE Himalayan Salt Recipes, Tips and Techniques, visit the Himalayan Salt Boutique Recipes Blog>

Some of our featured recipes and techniques for spectacular summer BBQ’s include:
Himalayan Salt Grilled Pineapple Chicken Skewers>
Himlalayan Salt Grilled Salmon>

You can also purchase Himalayan Salt Blocks and Stones at

& keep watching our blogs for new instructional grilling videos and recipes all summer long!

We hope you enjoy the video!


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