Free Organic Himalayan Salt Recipes

Looking for a special dish for your next gathering? Get great tasting Free Organic Himalayan Salt Recipes, along with Salt Block BBQ recipes, and surprise family and friends with a mouthwatering culinary delight they will remember for years to come!

Free Organic Himalayan Salt Recipes

Everyone looks forward to those special gatherings with good company and great tasting food, but when it comes to entertaining, nothing beats serving up a fantastic new dish your guests are sure to rave about. However, there is no need to spend hour after hour scouring the internet for your next signature recipe; gourmet presentation  and unique, rich flavor can become trademark features of your culinary offerings with the simple addition of this all natural, organic sea salt! With the various forms of Himalayan Salt it is easy to keep coming up with tasty dishes, time and time again, as well as adding extra flavor to revive old favorites.

The best part of using Himalayan Salt? Well, aside from all those compliments you will receive from your guests and repeated requests for your new signature dishes to appear at your next gathering, you can feel good knowing that you are using a pure, natural, organic salt with no preservatives, anti-caking agents, gluten or additives which the professional culinary world is already embracing worldwide! 

Himalayan Salt Recipes

Featured in culinary dishes by renowned chefs at hotels, resorts and restaurants worldwide, this ancient form of sea salt contains 84 + minerals which are essential for optimal health and also give the salt it’s beautiful peach-pink coloring!

No matter what time of year you are planning a feast for, Himalayan Sea Salt is the perfect versatile ingredient! While available in the traditional fine or course grain salt forms, this wonderful salt can also be used to create a fantastic gourmet presentation in it’s solid block form, as well as the serve ware forms into which it is also handcrafted. 

Some great tips and ideas for great meals:

  • If you are wanting to add fun and flavor to your next summer BBQ, grilling foods on Organic Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks, Tiles or Stones is the fun and easy way to add gourmet flavor to meats, vegetables and even salty and sweet desserts with a rich, yet subtle, natural salt flavor!
  • Heat up the block on your grill and place it on a trivet or cutting board in the center of your table to allow your guests a fun individual tidbit grilling experience. 
  • Looking for a way to add fresh, new flavor to your old holiday favorites? Simply switch your regular salt for Himalayan Sea Salt or serve your guests on salt plates!
  • Serve your signature Sushi on beautifully nutritious, Himalayan Salt Sushi Presentation Blocks just like the pros at renowned Sushi bars around the world!
  • Try a new twist on an old adult beverage by serving Tequila shots or other spirits in Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses! How about an Ocean Blue Himalayan Salt Margarita?

Himalayan Salt RecipesRecipes using this organic salt are included in just about any and every online recipe site, and have even been featured by Martha Stewart and Iron Chef America, however, we have compiled an ever increasing list of tried and tested mouthwatering Himalayan Salt Recipes that are easy to access.

Free Himalayan Salt Recipes

Try Salt Grilled Salmon, Shrimp or Steak, or a delicious Himalayan Salt Baked Sea Bass + More great Recipes you are sure to love. We have also included instructional videos for grilling on Himalayan Salt Blocks and even how to make a healthy smoothie which features Himalayan Salt, with new recipes added every week!

Himalayan Salt Recipes

From grilled foods to fresh vegetables and even desserts and Tequila shots, Himalayan Salt adds a touch of gourmet salt flavor to any menu!

Keep an eye out for our summer BBQ Salt Block recipe and instructional videos!

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