Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt BlockFamily campfire cooking gets a flavorful makeover with a Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone Bock! Learn how to effectively grill foods with this unique, organic Culinary Salt.

Start by placing the salt grill on a sturdy wire grilling rack off to the side of the fire while the fire is being started, this will allow the salt block to heat up slowly and help to avoid cracking your salt block. (*Be sure to properly prepare your salt block before use.)

Once the fire has burned down  to hot coals, use a stick or shovel to move some of the coals under the wire rack the salt block is resting on. (See image below and to the left) and continue to allow the block to heat up.

As soon as the block has reached about 400% or hot enough that food sizzles when placed on the block, lightly grease the block with the oil of your choice (Canola, Vegetable, etc.) Then place your food on the block to cook.

Himalayan Salt Campfire BBQ Grilling GrillThe salt will cook all of your foods evenly and add restaurant quality flavor without any extra seasonings, but you may want to try some of our recipes to spice things up even more!

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Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

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