Organic Pink Salt

Organic Pink Salt

Reputed to be “Natures Best” salt, these unprocessed, natural salts are derived from various ancient salt beds around the world, formed millions of years ago and protected deep underground from modern environmental pollutants. The unpolluted condition of the salt is a quality which is reflected in the before mentioned sentiment, as it also means the salt retains the natural state of sodium chloride and minerals which have the ability to be efficiently used by the body and are essential for optimal health.

Culinary Organic Pink Salt Uses

Organic Pink Salt

As far as culinary uses go, most people who try organic pink salt agree that it enhances the flavor of foods, an effect that is most likely due to the high amounts of minerals the salt contains. It has been known by most cooks for quite some time that using natural sea salt in place of iodized or kosher salt, while perhaps more beneficial to health, definitely infuses foods with a unique and more “full” flavor. This means enhanced flavor, not saltier; hence many chefs around the world have transitioned to using pink sea salt for it’s unique and delightful flavor. This beautiful salt is gaining in popularity quickly, worldwide, as few who try it have anything less than stellar to say about it, and many decide upon tasting it to switch entirely to pink salt, refusing to season their foods with anything else.

Alternative Medicinal & Natural Remedy Uses of Organic Pink Salt

Along with the culinary benefits of pink salt, it also provides alternative medicinal or natural remedy options for those seeking relief from health issues without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. These treatments, though not approved by the FDA, have been a common practice in natural medicine and used by numerous ancient cultures worldwide for centuries-perhaps even longer. For instance, evidence supports that ancient Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurvedia, the ancient and traditional system of natural healing from India, may be at least 10,000 years old. The healing powers of salt were, and still are today, utilized in many documented Ayurvedic remedies. Meanwhile, is is well known that the ancient Romans also commonly practiced the use of salt in their therapeutic treatments as well. From India and Rome, to the Americas and Asia, the world has long accepted the healing and therapeutic abilities of salt.

Why Pink Salt is Different from Other Salts

If you research different types of salt, you will find that not all salts are the same. Salt varies in chemical composition from region to region, and depending on how the salt was, or is formed, along with exactly what minerals and materials it was formed from, it can have drastically different effects on the body as well as flavor. These days it is especially important to note that the before mentioned cultures did not process their salts; only natural salts were available to them, hence the salts used in their cooking and medicine were in fact different from most of the salt we commonly use today.

In order to experience salt in the manner in which peoples of ancient cultures experienced it, it is necessary to use an Organic Sea Salt that contains no additives and has not been processed. While you are at it, you might as well use one that contains additional essential minerals, which is why so many are now choosing Organic Pink Salt for use in their homes.


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