Himalayan Salt vs Other Forms Of Sea Salt Comparison

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Himalayan Salt vs Other Forms Of Sea Salt

Himalayan Salt vs Other Forms Of Sea SaltWant to know more about what makes Himalayan Salt different from other salts?

You have most likely already learned that Himalayan Culinary Salt is a pure form of salt that comes from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, that it is packed with vitamins and minerals, and has not been exposed to modern environmental pollutants.

But what about it’s flavor and uses?

Himalayan salt is renowned for the unique flavor it lends to foods, infusing  them with subtle salt flavor that compliments just about any dish from sea foods and pineapple to caramels and chocolates . Along with this flavorful aspect, Himalayan Salt also has the potential for use in a solid block form, which we will discuss in more detail below.  This versatility of the salt along with it’s spectacular flavor is a combination of benefits which have gained it rapid popularity in the culinary world.

Flavor can be a difficult sensation to describe, especially when one considers the way flavors can transition from start to finish on the palette. However, most who have tried Himalayan Salt find the following to be true:

  • Himalayan Salt does in fact have a unique flavor that differs from regular table salt.
  • Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is more subtle than regular salt, yet it has a richer flavor that does not have the “twangy”, almost “burning” aftertaste of regular salt. To describe this better, if you put regular table salt on your tongue, you will notice that creates a rather “burning”, “stinging” sensation if you keep it there until it melts; if you try this with Himalayan Salt, you will notice that you can allow the salt to melt with very little of this harsh sensation on your tongue.
  • Because of it’s richer flavoring, you may find that you can use less salt on your food and still get the salty flavor you desire.
  • When used to season foods, Himalayan Salt enhances their individual flavor, sort of “blending with the flavor of the food” instead of tasting like something you added to it, which lends a full, rich taste that regular salts can not.
  • The addition of Organic Herbs and Spices in Himalayan Finishing Salts lends even more flavor to foods.
  • Gargling with Himalayan Salt is much more tolerable than regular salt, due to it’s more subtle and less tangy flavor.

Himalayan Salt Stone Cutting Board Shot Glasses Glass Set 1Due to it’s denser form which is caused by the 84+ minerals contained within the salt, Himalayan Salt has the ability to be fashioned into blocks for grilling, chilling and serving foods, as well as serve-ware such as bowls, glasses and plates. The salt can also be shaped into decorative forms, an ability that is better demonstrated by it’s use as a Hand Carved Salt Lamp, which you can find in a variety of shapes.

  • Grilling, chilling or serving foods on Himalayan Salt Slabs allows it to add the same subtle yet rich salt flavor to foods as it’s traditional granular form, while lending gourmet presentation to the dish as well.
  • Himalayan Salt Grills or Kitchen Slabs can also be used outdoors on your BBQ grill, adding to it’s versatility.
  • As Himalayan Salt can be either heated or chilled, and retains it’s temperatures for long periods of time, it is perfect for serving foods upon.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is a vastly versatile mineral with a myriad of uses that one must experience to fully understand. However, most people who try it are happy that they did!

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Himalayan Salt vs Other Forms Of Sea Salt


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    • Hello, I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment. I have done quite a bit of research on the subject, and I LOVE this salt myself and use all of its’ forms regularly. Though flavor is highly subject to personal opinion I think most people will find my flavor comparison to be pretty accurate, it seems to be the prevailing sentiment among others who have tried the salt as well, so don’t hesitate to try it! Thanks for visiting the blog and taking the time to leave a comment, it is appreciated and always welcome!

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