Homemade Himalayan Salt Gomasio Recipe

Homemade Himalayan Salt Gomasio Recipe

Himalayan Salt Gomasio Gomashio RecipeThis Himalayan Salt Gomasio recipe enlivens the traditional macrobiotic seasoning, Gomasio (also spelled Gomashio), with the subtle, gourmet flavor of Himalayan Pink Salt!

This dry condiment which originated in Japanese cuisine is a sesame salt similar to Furikake and a fundamental seasoning used in a macrobiotic diet. The benefits of Gomasio include flavor as well as the ability to reduce the amount of sodium intake in your diet. Gomasio is an excellent substitute for salt and pepper and adds mouthwatering flavor to rice, soups, stews, casseroles and veggies, and is easy to make at home.

Himalayan Culinary Salt was formed millions of years ago under intense tectonic pressure deep within the Himalayan Mountains. This flavorful salt is also called Himalayan Pink Salt because of it’s beautiful peach/pink color which is caused by the over 84 essential minerals contained in the salt.

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