Himalayan Bath Salt Recipe

Himalayan Bath Salt Recipe

Using this Himalayan Bath Salt Recipe, you can make your own scented bath salts right in your own home for use in a soothing, healing bath, or, to give as trendy gifts for friends, family and business associates! Herbal scented bath salts are a snap to make, and provide a soothing spa experience for those who enjoy pampering themselves. Using organic Himalayan Salt ensures that your bath is free of chemicals and other irritants, such as the anti-caking agents and preservatives found in commercial bath salts, while the use of organic herbs enhances the bath further with the herbs’ own natural scent and properties.

Himalayan Bath Salt RecipeHow to make Herbal Himalayan Bath Salt:

  • 8oz. Himalayan Course Grain Salt
  • 8 Organic Herbal Tea Bags or about 8tsp of loose Herbal Tea (your choice of herbs or herbal combination)

Simply mix the salt and herbs together and store in a airtight container; glass jars work best.

To use:
Use 4oz., or half of the mixture, per full tub of bathwater; be sure to add the bath salt to the bath while it is filling to aid in dissolving the salt in the water.

For Gifts:
Fill decorative jars with the herbal bath salt and finish it off with a ribbon tied around the top of the jar.

These homemade health & beauty salts provide wonderful salt treatments that will infuse your bath with their respective natural soothing and healing powers while relaxing your body and cleansing skin for a fresh, clean feeling after your bath!

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Recommended Herbal Teas:

  • Organic Lavender Buds
  • Lavender Green Tea
  • Celestial Seasonings Herbal Country Peach Tea
  • Jasmine Green Tea

Himalayan Bath Salt Recipe


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