Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps

Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps

Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamp

Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from solid chunks of pure Himalayan Salt which are formed into various shapes and lit with a light bulb from within. Beautiful to behold when on or off, these enchanting lamps are functional works of art which emit tranquil, earthy lighting when lit, enhancing the natural coloring of the salt used to create the sculptures. When the lamp is off it presents a lovely display while resting atop it’s Rosewood base.

With much to offer than just lighting, salt lamps also pose as wonderful conversation pieces making them perfect, unique gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings and other special occasions where a thoughtful gift is preferred.

3005  Jumbo Himalayan Salt Globe LampAvailable in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from smaller animal shapes to large whimsical globes, Hand Carved Himalayan Salt Lamps offer the opportunity to add decorative, soothing lighting to any room of the home or office.

These salt lamps are also increasingly popular lighting for restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas and various other commercial establishments where customer or client relaxation and ease of mind is of utmost importance and intriguing art is also preferred.

Himalayan Salt Tear Drop Salt LampWhether your goal is to simply light your home with a calming glow, or to create a sophisticated yet natural theme, these salt lamps are sure to create a pleasing atmosphere that is as simple to install as plugging in a cord!

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Sweet & Salty Holiday Dessert Ideas #1

Sweet & Salty Holiday Dessert Ideas #1

Here are some great Sweet & Salty Holiday Dessert Ideas for easily creating those sweet and salty treats everyone loves, using Himalayan Culinary Salt. Though not just suitable for enhancing Holiday desserts, these quick and easy tips are a great way to spread Holiday cheer at parties and dinners by adding extra flair to ordinary baked goods, candies and other treats! Check out our great ideas for using Himalayan Salt for the Holidays!

Why Himalayan Salt? Usually all one has to do to discover why Himalayan Salt makes exceptional salty and sweet treat is to take a taste of the salt. You will find that this unprocessed sea salt lacks the harsh “twang” or “sting” of regular table salt or Kosher sea salts. Instead is possesses a subtle yet rich salt flavor which perfectly accents sweet foods, blending a unique salty flavor with the treat.

Baked Treats
Sweet & Salty Holiday Dessert IdeasWe will start with some really simple ways to transform ordinary baked sweets into a “sweet and salty” sensation! One of the most popular salty and sweet combinations involves chocolate and salt, which can be easily produced by simply sprinkling coarse grain pink salt over brownies, chocolate cake or chocolate cookies. If you would like to add extra Holiday theme flavors, try crushing candy canes and sprinkling a few of the crushed candy pieces, dark chocolate chips or baking discs, and/or caramels around with the salt crystals. For best results sprinkle the salt and candy toppings onto the freshly baked goods before they cool, to allow the salt flavor to blend better with the chocolate.

Decadent Dark Chocolate Caramel Salty & Sweet Holiday Brownie Recipe:

  • 1 Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Brownie Mixes
  • Himalayan Salt (Coarse Grain)
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Caramel Baking Chips


  1. Bake brownies as usual, in a 9″ x 9″ ceramic baking dish, using the “chewy” version of the recipe on the back of the box.
  2. In a small bowl or 2 cup measuring cup, mix 1 cup of dark chocolate chips, 1 cup of Caramel Baking chips and 2 tablespoons of salt together.
  3. As soon as the brownies are done baking, sprikle the candy and salt mixture over the top of the brownies and allow to cool as usual.
  4. Once cool, cut the brownies into squares, serve and enjoy!

Your Holiday candies can easily be made into Salty & Sweet treats! Salt especially compliments caramels and chocolates; you can add the salt by rolling the partially set candies in coarse grain Himalayan Sea Salt and then allowing them to finish setting, sprinkle the salt over the tops of candies before they become firm, or even create sweet and salty chocolate crunch bits to blend into candy mixes.

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Himalayan Sole Drink Therapy – Ayurvedic Saltwater Flush

Himalayan Sole Drink Therapy – Ayurvedic Saltwater Flush

Himalayan Sole Drink Therapy is an Ayurvedic Saltwater Flush Treatment that promotes overall intestinal health, promoting healthy digestion, as well as detoxification of the body and enhanced energy. This is one of several natural salt treatments commonly used in Ayurvedic Medicine as well as one of the uses of Himalayan Salt as a “health salt”. This treatment can also be a beneficial, natural aid in any weight management plan.

Ayurvedic medicine, or Ayrvedia, is the ancient Indian practice used for thousands of years, possibly over 4,000, utilizing natural elements, herbs and foods in healing. This natural medicinal practice is still used around the world today for it’s time tested and proven results in healing the body and maintaining optimal body system functions.

Himalayan Sole Drink or Ayurvedic Saltwater FlushAs we know, poor intestinal health and lack of good bacteria in the digestive system can cause illness. If the digestive system is not proper working order, the entire body will eventually be negatively effected. Unable to properly absorb and process essential nutrients as well as properly eliminate waste, the body will experience various ailments and weight gain.

The hectic and busy lifestyles most of us lead these days makes eating properly problematic. Over time the large quantities of sugar, yeast and other unhealthy dietary components we consume each day creates and imbalance in our digestive systems. All of this eventually leads us to struggle with our health and our weight. A salt water flush helps promote healthy digestion, helping the body to maintain a proper balance of good bacteria while removing toxins and other waste. The effects the these processes promote good overall health; healthy weight, energy and water levels.

According to ancient Ayurvadia:
A salt water flush is an exceptional way of cleansing the digestive system from the stomach to the intestinal tract. This therapy works without the potentially harmful effects of modern colonics and enemas as well as the inconvenience of these treatments. Flushing the digestive system with salt water cleanses the entire digestive tract, allowing for natural repair of the system and restoration of regular levels of healthy bacteria for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Salt water flush is a safe, effective and natural way of drawing toxins from the body and cleansing the entire intestinal tract which has been used for eons for this purpose.

Ayurvedic Himalayan Saltwater Flush Directions

  • 2 level teaspoons Himalayan Salt
  • 1 quart lukewarm water
  • Mix water and salt together in a glass or jar, stirring until the salt is dissolved completely.
  • Drink the entire quart of salt water first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Drink the entire quart of salt water first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. After drinking the saltwater you should recline (lie down) on your right side for 30 minutes. Afterwards you may go about your day as usual, however you should be prepared to have a fluid bowel movement within 1 to 2 hours, though this time frame may vary from person to person.

*Alternatively, if you do not have time for a flush or do not want to perform a full flush, you can take 1 tsp or 5ml of the salt solution every morning before breakfast (on an empty stomach). Be sure to follow this up during the rest of your day by drinking plenty of water, at least 8 glasses per day. This will help the body’s natural healing process from the inside, promoting bodily detoxification and enhanced energy.

Organic, unprocessed sea salt such as Himalayan Salt is recommended as it does not contain anti-caking agents, preservatives, glutens or other additives. Himalayan Pink Salt also has the added advantage of having been created and stored deep within the Himalayan Mountains for millions of years, which has preserved the salt leaving it untouched by modern environmental toxins and pollutants . This wonderful salt, often times referred to as “the purest salt on earth”, contains extra essential minerals which are easily absorbed and processed by the body with a mellow, yet rich salt flavor that is more palatable than other salts, thus making it the perfect salt for use in a saltwater flush.

In addition to this treatment, it is recommended that you follow up with a daily regimen of probiotics to help to repopulate the digestive system with good flora and bacteria for optimal digestive system health. Green Vibrance by Vitabase is an excellent product for this purpose, containing 25 billion probiotics per serving. This is a great follow up to a salt water flush for enhanced digestion, as well as increased immune system health! Fasttrack is also a fantastic probiotic available from many vendors online.

Helpful Saltwater Flush Products:
Himalayan Salt Glasses & “Sole” Drink Therapy Jars utilize un-processed, organic pink salt combined with a unique handcrafted form or convenient jar for an easy, quick way to perform an “Ayurvedic Salt Water Flushor daily saltwater therapy regimen.

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder ProjectThis DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder Project allows you to quickly and easily create beautiful Himalayan Salt Votive Candle Holders for your home. The peach-pink color of the salt emits a smooth, earthy glow when the candle is lit, creating tranquil lighting for any location of the home, while the project it’s self allows for great conversation and fun while making them around the kitchen table! You may even want to try some of the culinary delights that Himalayan Salt has to offer while your at it!

This project also creates a wonderfully unique handmade gift which is perfect for Christmas, Birthdays or Wedding gifts!

Materials needed to make 1 candle holder:

  • 1 glass flower vase, bowl or candle holder, about 6″ in dia. or across, with low sides(I used a square Wal-Mart flower vase, you can use any shape you prefer.)
  • 2lbs Course Grain Himalayan Salt
  • 1 small votive candle holder (small enough to fit inside the larger glass vase with enough room left between the votive holder and vase to fill in with about 1″ of salt all the way around the votive holder)

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle HolderPlace the glass votive holder directly inside the glass vase, right out in the center (as depicted in the image to the right) and carefully fill the large vase or bowl with Himalayan Salt up to the rim of the votive holder. Place a candle in the votive holder and light!

The finished project is a beautiful candle holder that you can be proud of! This takes very little time to complete and is also a festive, warm glowing center piece for Holiday dinner tables, wedding diner tables or any party food table!

DIY Himalayan Salt Candleholder Project

DIY Himalayan Salt Candle Holder  


Salt Tequila Glasses – Spice up Your Next Party

Salt Tequila Glasses

Hand carved from 100% pure Himalayan Salt, these glasses enable you to impress your party guests with the best tasting shot of Tequila they have ever had, or make a lasting impression at your next business deal!

Salt Tequila GlassesOrganic Himalayan Salt comes from deep within the Himalayan mountains; an ancient sea salt that remains rich in minerals which are the source of it’s beautiful pink-peach coloring and unique flavor. Artisans hand craft these glasses to produce one of a kind serving pieces with stunning, natural color striations that also impart a unique, gourmet salt flavor to beverages.

Salt Tequila Glasses are naturally anti-bacterial, allowing for easy maintenance as simple as rinsing with water and drying with a towel. This advantage of the salt also makes them safer for sharing drinks at parties. When not in use they create a unique and attractive display on a sideboard, counter top or bar, especially when accompanied by a salt block!

Whats the best part of using Salt Tequila Glasses?
Aside from all the compliments you will be given by your guests who are sure to love the flavor and presentation of your drinks, you can also rest easy knowing that you are using a pure, natural, organic salt that contains no anti-caking agents, preservatives, or other additives!

Salt Tequila GlassesSalt Tequila Glasses continue to quickly gain recognition among world renowned chefs for the rich, gourmet flavor they infuse into beverages and can be enjoyed in trendy night clubs, bars, and restaurants all around the world which also offer foods grilled on Himalayan Salt Blocks.

Spice up Your Next Party
With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, Himalayan culinary salt glasses are a great item to help you get a jump start on planning your festivities, allowing you to easily add this new and unique presentation and flavor option to your fall and winter party menu!

Salt Tequila Shot Glasses can also make your holiday shopping easier as they are delightfully unique gifts for friends, family and/or business associates.

Salt Tequila Glasses

Organic Pink Salt

Organic Pink Salt

Reputed to be “Natures Best” salt, these unprocessed, natural salts are derived from various ancient salt beds around the world, formed millions of years ago and protected deep underground from modern environmental pollutants. The unpolluted condition of the salt is a quality which is reflected in the before mentioned sentiment, as it also means the salt retains the natural state of sodium chloride and minerals which have the ability to be efficiently used by the body and are essential for optimal health.

Culinary Organic Pink Salt Uses

Organic Pink Salt

As far as culinary uses go, most people who try organic pink salt agree that it enhances the flavor of foods, an effect that is most likely due to the high amounts of minerals the salt contains. It has been known by most cooks for quite some time that using natural sea salt in place of iodized or kosher salt, while perhaps more beneficial to health, definitely infuses foods with a unique and more “full” flavor. This means enhanced flavor, not saltier; hence many chefs around the world have transitioned to using pink sea salt for it’s unique and delightful flavor. This beautiful salt is gaining in popularity quickly, worldwide, as few who try it have anything less than stellar to say about it, and many decide upon tasting it to switch entirely to pink salt, refusing to season their foods with anything else.

Alternative Medicinal & Natural Remedy Uses of Organic Pink Salt

Along with the culinary benefits of pink salt, it also provides alternative medicinal or natural remedy options for those seeking relief from health issues without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. These treatments, though not approved by the FDA, have been a common practice in natural medicine and used by numerous ancient cultures worldwide for centuries-perhaps even longer. For instance, evidence supports that ancient Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurvedia, the ancient and traditional system of natural healing from India, may be at least 10,000 years old. The healing powers of salt were, and still are today, utilized in many documented Ayurvedic remedies. Meanwhile, is is well known that the ancient Romans also commonly practiced the use of salt in their therapeutic treatments as well. From India and Rome, to the Americas and Asia, the world has long accepted the healing and therapeutic abilities of salt.

Why Pink Salt is Different from Other Salts

If you research different types of salt, you will find that not all salts are the same. Salt varies in chemical composition from region to region, and depending on how the salt was, or is formed, along with exactly what minerals and materials it was formed from, it can have drastically different effects on the body as well as flavor. These days it is especially important to note that the before mentioned cultures did not process their salts; only natural salts were available to them, hence the salts used in their cooking and medicine were in fact different from most of the salt we commonly use today.

In order to experience salt in the manner in which peoples of ancient cultures experienced it, it is necessary to use an Organic Sea Salt that contains no additives and has not been processed. While you are at it, you might as well use one that contains additional essential minerals, which is why so many are now choosing Organic Pink Salt for use in their homes.

The Salt Block Experience

What is the Salt Block Experience?

A culinary experience that rivals fondue? You Bet!

Maura Neill of 365Atlanta on CBS Better Mornings Atlanta Reviewed this culinary experience at Park Tavern in Midtown!

Now you can enjoy the Salt Block Experience in your own home, on your BBQ, or even over an outdoor fire!

For FREE recipes and instructions on cooking with a Himalayan Culinary Salt Block,

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Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt BlockFamily campfire cooking gets a flavorful makeover with a Himalayan Salt Grilling Stone Bock! Learn how to effectively grill foods with this unique, organic Culinary Salt.

Start by placing the salt grill on a sturdy wire grilling rack off to the side of the fire while the fire is being started, this will allow the salt block to heat up slowly and help to avoid cracking your salt block. (*Be sure to properly prepare your salt block before use.)

Once the fire has burned down  to hot coals, use a stick or shovel to move some of the coals under the wire rack the salt block is resting on. (See image below and to the left) and continue to allow the block to heat up.

As soon as the block has reached about 400% or hot enough that food sizzles when placed on the block, lightly grease the block with the oil of your choice (Canola, Vegetable, etc.) Then place your food on the block to cook.

Himalayan Salt Campfire BBQ Grilling GrillThe salt will cook all of your foods evenly and add restaurant quality flavor without any extra seasonings, but you may want to try some of our recipes to spice things up even more!

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Campfire Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

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Salt Grilled Coconut Rum Mahi Mahi Recipe

Cook up restaurant quality Mahi Mahi fillets quickly and easily!

Himalayan Culinary Salt Grilling and Coconut Rum combined with this popular fish create a delicate flavoring you’ll have to taste to believe!

Salt Grilled Coconut Rum Mahi Mahi Recipe

Himalayan Salt Grilled Coconut Rum Mahi Mahi RecipeIngredients:


  1. Heat your salt grill to 400% or hot enough to sizzle when food is placed on it. (Be sure to heat your block slowly.)
  2. Pour enough oil on the salt grill to lightly coat it and place your Mahi Mahi fillets on the grill.
  3. Grill the fish on one side until it is browned, then flip the fillets over to cook the other side.
  4. Once the fish has turned white and is mostly cooked, pour coconut rum over the fillets. (Just enough to cover the fillets and run over the edges onto the block.)
  5. Move the fillets around in the rum that spilled over, making sure that the fillets are sauteed in the rum and continue to cook until done.
  6. Serve hot and enjoy! You can also serve with steamed veggies or rice.

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Salt Grilled Coconut Rum Mahi Mahi Recipe

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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Natural salt treatments have been used for centuries, by many different cultures, to clear sinus cavities of bacteria and microbes along with clearing bronchial tubes of congestion for relief of common respiratory problems, this treatment is  now called “Speleotherapy” or “Halotherapy”.

Himalayan Salt LampIndividuals in these ancient cultures noticed relief of chronic respiratory symptoms while visiting salt caves and thus used them frequently as a remedy for common respiratory ailments. To this day, sufferers of asthma, allergies pneumonia, hay fever, bronchitis, sinusitis and cystic fibrosis visit both natural and man-made Salt Caves around the world for this treatment, to help alleviate their symptoms. Salt crystal is also known as one of the most efficient emitters of negative ions which have many benefits; studies by Columbia University suggest that negative ions can help relieve depression.

These days, man-made salt caves have been constructed all over the world, constructed with tons of salt crystal blocks for the purpose of providing salt cave therapy to  those who do not live near the coastline or a natural salt cave. This treatment is widely used in Eastern Europe and Russia, where people with chronic breathing disorders often spend two to three hours per day in salt cave grottos. In 1995, even the Russian government approved salt caves for medical use. Irelands’ first mand-made salt cave opened near Dublin in 2009. Himalayan Salt Caves are also springing up all over the US, from The Salt Cave MPLS in Minnisota to Boulder, Co.

Clinical studies have shown that Salt air therapy can help to stimulate the respiratory system’s natural ability to reduce inflammation, clear blockages, fight infection and reduce discomfort.

Salt LampSome of the conditions that have been shown to respond to salt air therapy include:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Bronchitis
  • Circulatory issues
  • Chronic Ear Infections
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Migrains
  • Post-operative recovery
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin conditions such as Psoriasis & Eczema
  • Smokers Cough
  • Stress
  • Weakened immune system
  • Various Sleep Disorders

Fortunately, for those who are unable to visit a salt cave, these same Himalayan Salt crystals have been fashioned into lamps and candle holders for use by individuals in their homes, allowing you to experience similar effects of visiting a salt cave right in the comfort of your own home!

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt LampSalt crystal lamps are used in Holistic Medicine because of their ability to improve health through the production and release of negative ions into the air. These negative ions are produced when a salt crystal is heated by a bulb or flame, and help to cleanse the air of harmful particles which may provide complementary treatment for many illnesses,

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