Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts – Christmas 2014

Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts – Christmas 2014

Here’s our list of the Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts – Christmas 2014!

Before we get started, you should know that regardless of the Himalayan Salt product you choose, you can be sure your give recipient will LOVE it!

  • Himalayan Sea Salt spices up any food with sensational, all natural, gourmet flavor.
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps provide natural, air cleansing abilities while emitting an earthy, relaxing glow in any room of the home.
  • Himalayan Bath Salts and Massage Stones provide a soothing spa-like experience, without ever leaving your home!

This mineral rich, ancient sea salt is mined and imported from the foothills of the Himalayas, offering a taste of heaven, inspirational, air cleansing light, and relaxing, therapeutic effects on the body. These benefits make any form of the salt perfect for gift giving, but what are the Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts this year?

We found the Top 3, Best Selling Himalayan Salt Items of 2014, and here they are for your consideration:


2″ X 8″ x 12″ Himalayan Salt Grill Block

Himalayan Salt Grill Blocks











This organic salt block allows your lucky special someone to enjoy a truly unique culinary experience! The salt imparts sensational gourmet flavor to foods, while offering a fabulous presentation to any dish, and can also be used to chill and serve cold foods!


15-20lb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

15-20lb Natural Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp














A -20lb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is the perfect size for lending earthy ambiance and a healthier atmosphere to any 10′ x 15′ (150 sq. ft.) room. This large salt crystal lamp is a stunner coming out of the box, and an even more pleasant surprise once your gift recipient turns it on!


Salt Tequila Shot Glasses w/ Salt Cutting Board Party Set









Anyone who frequently entertains or enjoys a good Tequila Party is sure to appreciate this gift set! Himalayan Salt compliments many cocktails and alcoholic beverages particularly well, especially Tequila. This notion is supported by the presence of Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses on the list of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2013. Meanwhile, the gourmet-style presentation created by both the glasses and the salt block is such a sensation that Chefs all over the world have added it to their menus!

Perhaps you have just found the perfect gift for that culinary genius in your family, that special someone who would enjoy the warm, soft glow of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, or a friend or family member who loves to entertain in grand fashion. Either way your special someone is sure to enjoy the gift of all natural Himalayan Salt!

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Top 3 Himalayan Salt Gifts – Christmas 2014